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Nothing better than receive compliments from our customers

“We just wanted to take a few moments to share with you our experience with Kong Wai and his team.

My husband is an avid lover of photography and we have been following Kong Wai’s blog for over 3 years now. We loved his soft, naturalistic style of storytelling, and were in particular impressed by the set of maternity photos he took of his wife.

When it was time for us to plan our wedding, we wanted to find vendors who understood what we wanted, a heartfelt ceremony that would convey our feelings and emotions to our loved ones. While we had to spend some time locating the other vendors, we had no doubt that we wanted Kong Wai, with his naturalistic style, as our wedding day photographer.

Kong Wai impressed us from the start, beginning from his request to hold a meeting to discuss what we were looking for, which we thought was very professional and indeed a vital step in getting to know each other and whether we were a good fit for each other.

On the day of the wedding, Kong Wai and his team were extremely hard-working (despite our intense morning to evening schedule!) and were always around to capture the key moments. While we were too busy to plan any shots of just the two of us, Kong Wai made sure to pull us away for a few minutes to create a couple of the best images of us (even if it meant him getting into strange places to get the most artistic angles and compositions!) – for which we are very grateful.

After the wedding, Kong Wai was very willing to work with us to meet our schedule. We received our photos a few days ago (in a very thoughtful and sweet little USB), and he has not disappointed indeed. Kong Wai is truly a photographer gifted with the ability to capture genuine emotion. His ability to use natural light creates such soft, gentle and beautiful images, even when he is not able to work as freely as usual (unfortunately our church had numerous restrictions). Having had to rush through the different parts of the day myself, I’m so grateful that Kong Wai was able to retain all our memorable moments for us in his beautiful form of art and way of storytelling.

It goes without saying, but we highly highly recommend Kong Wai and his team!!”

~ Daisy & Steven

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