Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong photo shooting

Here are some photos I shot for Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong catalog.

Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong renowned as one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious wedding venues, They present “World of Weddings” with the philosophy that “Every Couple is Unique”. Their “World of Weddings” packages is specially designed to reflect couple unique taste and personality on the wedding day.

intercontinental-hk-wedding-0 intercontinental-hk-wedding-02 intercontinental-hk-wedding-03 intercontinental-hk-wedding-04 intercontinental-hk-wedding-05 intercontinental-hk-wedding-06 intercontinental-hk-wedding-07 intercontinental-hk-wedding-08 intercontinental-hk-wedding-09 intercontinental-hk-wedding-010 intercontinental-hk-wedding-011 intercontinental-hk-wedding-012


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