Kylie & Siu Keung // Japan // Fine art book

Here is a gorgeous fine art book I designed for Kylie & Siu Keung. This book was printed in USA, Each spread is about 2 mm thick matte fine art paper glued back-to-back. I love the quality a lot. This book is the best fine art book you’ll find.

Photo-Japan-engagement-fine-art-photo-0 Photo-Japan-engagement-fine-art-photo-02 Photo-Japan-engagement-fine-art-photo-03 Photo-Japan-engagement-fine-art-photo-04 Photo-Japan-engagement-fine-art-photo-05 Photo-Japan-engagement-fine-art-photo-06 Photo-Japan-engagement-fine-art-photo-07 Photo-Japan-engagement-fine-art-photo-08 Photo-Japan-engagement-fine-art-photo-09 Photo-Japan-engagement-fine-art-photo-010 Photo-Japan-engagement-fine-art-photo-011 Photo-Japan-engagement-fine-art-photo-012


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