Nicola & Andrew // Wedding day

I have just got back from a pre-wedding shoot in Singapore last week. It was super great with nice weather. And here, I want to share with you the wedding of Nicola & Andrew. It was gorgeous and I like this church so much with the colorful windows.

Ceremony: St John’s cathedral
Banquet: Repulse bay
All photos by Kong wai @ History Studio, worked as second photographer for Tanarak Photography

Wedding at St. John’s Cathedral St. John’s Cathedralcolorful window, wedding at St. John’s CathedralDecoration of St. John’s Cathedralgrooms and groomsman running to St. John’s Cathedralbeautiful window - St. John’s Cathedral Hong kong walking inside St. John’s CathedralBride is walking in St. John’s Cathedralgroom meet bride - St. John’s CathedralWedding at St. John’s Cathedralhappy moment at St. John’s Cathedralbridemaid at St. John’s CathedralSt. John’s Cathedralposter -  St. John’s CathedralSt. John’s Cathedralkissing at St. John’s Cathedralrepulse bay Hong Kong and St. John’s Cathedralblack and white - St. John’s Cathedralsigning at  St. John’s Cathedraldone - st. John’s Cathedralfather and mother - St. John’s CathedralSt. John’s Cathedralportrait at St. John’s Cathedralwalking - St. John’s Cathedralposing shot at St. John’s Cathedralwedding at repulse bay Hong Kong wedding band - repulse bay Hong Kongwedding music at repulse bay Hong Kong drink - at repulse bay Hong Kong father is toasting at repulse bay Hong Kong speeches - repulse bay Hong Kong repulse bay Hong Konggroom toast at repulse bay Hong Kongbride - repulse bay Hong KongFirst dance - repulse bay Hong Kongfather and mother dance at repulse bay Hong Kongdancing at repulse bay Hong Kongwedding at repulse bay Hong Kong


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